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We are Dan & Rosie, a couple who love and live for dogs and the energy and laughter they can bring to any situation.


We see the enjoyment dogs experience when we take them on our adventure walks with lots of play, exploring and sniffs involved. This is so important for a dogs overall health and wellbeing, no matter the size or breed.


We also have a passion for fitness and what better way to keep us fit and the dogs fit than trail running together, so we decided to add this as a service alongside our walks for the higher energy breeds. Running helps maintain a dogs weight, improves muscle tone and builds endurance. It also stimulates their mental health and provides an outlet for their energy! A tired dog is a good dog 😊.

We both grew up with dogs (Spaniels, Labradors, Jack Russells and various mixes) and have experience with dog walking, dog kennels and care and some dog grooming.

We decided to get our own dog, Jett the Vizsla, around 3 years ago and this is when we discovered what fun we could have taking our dog not only on a walk, but on an adventure! Being a Vizsla, Jett needs and lives for long walks, runs and adventures and we would really love to share this experience with your dog!

We are happy to provide a Ministry of Justice criminal history check if requested.


Please note we offer our services in 2.5-hour intervals due to pick up / drop off of other dogs, busy periods and journey times to/from adventure locations. We ensure your dog is collected, taken on an adventure, and returned during this time slot.

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